Disctroyer discs

Client: Disctroyer OÜ
What we did: designing, illustrations, print files and animations
Year: 2019-2023

Disctroyer OÜ is our long-term business partner, for whom we have done many different design works, from 3D product images and box designs to various illustrations, print files and animations. 

Print files of discs 
Our cooperation started with the design of printing files for discs. The work was based on CVI created by the design agency AKU. Today, in addition to discs with basic markings, we have also designed the print files of ministamp, colored tattoo, limited edition tattoo and EV104 flag-colored discs.

In connection with the sale of discs in stores, there was a need to design a stand to display the products. We started by prototyping on a 3D model, and when we reached the desired result, we also made the printing files of the stand. 
Box designs 
We have designed two boxes for Disctroyer discs. The first gift box, completed in 2021, also included an illustrated rule sheet with a disc golf label, so that a beginner player could find their way to the course as easily as possible. 

The second box, completed in 2023, was intended for a three-disc starter set for players of different levels. In the visual of the design, we used birds known from tattoo disks (the author of the tattoo illustrations is Sten-Martin Sinisaar). Stickers are included to describe the contents of the box, with the help of which it is possible to use the same box base for both a beginner and an advanced player's disc combination

Flight charts
Over the years we have visualized the flight lines of all discs in three different ways. For the first time, we did it in a poster format, where we added an overview table of Disctroyer discs in addition to the flight chart.

The second time, we combined the information with a moving image and visualized the logic of the labels using animation

The third visualization was adding the flight path of the disc using matchmove to the drone video so that people could see the behavior of different discs in the real world. In total, such visualizations were completed on five discs (Starling, Nightjar, Stork, Skylark and Sparrow). 

You can get better acquainted with the activities of Disctroyer Discs on their website: